Online harm

Safety by design similarly recognises the potential for misuse and abuse of social tools and the need to proactively address and adapt to protect against that behaviour.

Cyber crimes in Punjab to be reported online

To make the access to this web-portal more easy especially for the new users, it has an informational video in Punjabi which informs the user about salient features of this portal and guides them on how to lodge a complaint regarding any kinds of cyber crimes.

Changing Education~II

The National Education Policy 2020 has all the right intentions in place to propel the higher education institutions of this country in a trajectory of catalyzing innovative growth and economic development. The challenge, however, is how fast these changes can be activated and how well equipped the key players, namely, educational institutions, participating Governments, the industrial sector, the connectivity architecture, and, most importantly, the student community and their guardians, are to adapt to such innovations