New Delhi

New Delhi World Book Fair concludes on a high note

Yuvraj Malik, Director, NBT India, said, “The next edition will see larger participation of CEOs and Fair Directors of the world’s book fairs, and more B2B sessions will be a part of the Book Fair."

Huge response to New Delhi World Book Fair

Children’s Pavilion has emerged as a captivating haven for young readers with sessions on storytelling, illustrations, calligraphy, arts, drama and sessions on space exploration.

Strategic shift

In a strategic move, India has decided to terminate the decades-old visa-free movement policy with Myanmar, citing national security concerns and the imperative to preserve the demographic structure of its north-eastern states sharing a border with Myanmar.


As the clock struck midnight ushering in 2024 across the globe’s time zones, the world painted a diverse canvas of New Year’s Eve, a tapestry woven with threads of celebration, reflection, and the stark contrasts of human experiences across continents.