Nelson Mandela

Remembering martyrs of Shiraz

Every generation, every century, every age, every nation, every religion, every great movement has its martyrs, indomitable men and women who lay down their lives for a great cause.

Portrait of an intense struggle

Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years during apartheid and went on to become the country’s first democratic president. For her part Madikizela-Mandela was persecuted relentlessly by the white minority government as she organised the resistance.

Jacob Zuma

The judgment is equally a victory for the rule of law in South Africa, once again serving to highlight the independence of the nation’s judiciary, indeed the pivot of the country’s democracy.

Gandhi and democracy

While centralisation can‘t be sustained and defended without adequate force, Gandhi regarded decentralisation as an essential corollary to non-violence. He insisted that such decentralisation would be possible only in a predominately non-industrial society with the self-sufficient village as the primary unit.

Political Pardons

Political pardons cannot be a tool of self-protection or for furthering a partisan purpose they should remain a progressive tool for the larger good of society, civic evolution and societal heal, depending only on the circumstances, sensitivities and implications involved.