National Education Policy

Miles to go before the NEP delivers

India's third proper education policy since Independence, the New National Education Policy saw the light of day on 29 July 2020 with the commitment of major changes in the education system of the country. When the policy was announced in the midst of the pandemic to aim at bringing about much needed transformational changes in the country's education system with a global perspective, skillbased learning seemed to have been prioritised with the use of modern technology.

Education in Retreat

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 rightly aims to introduce vocational education at all levels by integrating vocational education into mainstream education, in all educational institutions, by 2030. NEP also proposes to remove the ‘hard separation‘ between the vocational and academic streams and overcome the stigma attached to vocational education. However, implementation of NEP 2020 seems to be running far behind schedule