Centre launches funding scheme for startups, MSMEs

The Union Ministry of Mines announced on Wednesday that it has decided to fund research and innovation in startups and MSMEs in the mining, mineral processing, metallurgy and recycling sector (S&T-PRISM) and has brought out guidelines for the scheme.

Mediation law could be a boon for MSMEs

On Tuesday, the long-awaited Mediation Bill 2021 was finally enacted by Rajya Sabha. It is anticipated that mediation legislation will provide relief to industry, business, and families from the delays of courts in resolving disputes, or in the parlance of legal luminaries, litigation. The mediators assert that only disputes are brought to them.

Govt allows MSMEs to avail non-tax benefits for three years

The Centre has notified that all registered micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) would be allowed to avail of all non-tax benefits for three years instead of one year, even after upward graduation in their category and consequent reclassification.