Migration crisis

In the east, the focus of the recent Russian offensive, carrying women, children, elderly people and many with reduced mobility to safer territory in the west was the priority this week.

Time to acknowledge Environmental Migration under a ‘normative framework’: IIT

This will prevent refugees from being compelled to return to their native countries, where they may suffer danger. Asylum seekers from vulnerable areas must also be absorbed in proportion to their greenhouse gas emissions in host countries. Given the severity of the expected Global Environmental Changes and accompanying impacts, the researchers suggest that taking early and adequate action is critical.

Greener pastures

It estimated that India had the highest number of international migrants in the world; 18 million Indians were living abroad despite Covid-19 induced travel restrictions in 2021. The UN body estimated that 10 million Indians migrated between 2000 and 2010. But the numbers, enormous as they are, do not tell the whole story.

Migration Muddle

"Why did Shah push Khan for a treaty to deport illegal migrants? Why did not the Hasina-Modi joint statement include the assurance? There was no mention of the migration issue at all, a lapse that raises questions about India's real intentions. One possible clue is that the Bharatiya Janata Party incited Hindus into religious-nationalistic fervour to win votes"