Routine, required

“Any attack on the freedom of the Press is detrimental to the national interest, democracy cannot survive without a free and fearless media… a robust and vibrant media is as important as an independent judiciary in consolidating democracy and strengthening Constitutional rule of law,” the Vice-President said.

Media matters

Given the state of play in the content-generation/ dissemination industry, the case for an independent regulatory mechanism has, despite the acute discomfort of industry professionals and media organisations, gained massive traction.

Media in focus

The Council has drawn attention to several breaches which include narrating a one-sided story, relying on gossip, giving excessive publicity to the victim, suspects and witnesses, conducting a parallel trial and seeking to sensationalise reports.

Options before mainstream media

While media is a business and has bills to pay like all businesses, it is not just any business. Unless content curators drive the company, the knowledge – as opposed to merely information – space which is up for grabs across the Indian media landscape cannot be occupied.