Interfaith fasting, prayer held in Manipur against violence on women, children

The Interfaith Forum For Peace and Harmony, Manipur has organised a one-day Interfaith Fasting Prayer on Sunday at the Lainingthou Sanamahi Temple, Hayingkhongbal, first Manipur Rifles Gate, Imphal as part of its moral, social and historical responsibilities to express collective ownership of the violence meted out to women in the ongoing ethnic conflict in the state.

Poisoned Pluralism

Truschke finds that high level contact between learned Muslims and Hindus was marked by collaborative encounters across linguistic and religious lines.

Truth about tolerance~I

Despite the many superficial differences, all our deeper and more permanent values are similar. The respect for knowledge, justice, compassion towards the less privileged, healthy family life, and the need to improve the here and now are commonalities that can be explored

Veil as a symbol

While our jurists deliberate on the essential religious practices doctrine, perhaps a case may be made to buttress the need to recognize the interdependence of religion and secularism in our democracy too. If it is legit for some girls in Udupi college to insist on putting on a hijab, Aroosa Parvaiz who topped this year's 10+2 board exams from J&K choosing not to wear one is legit too. Hijab is a dress in which national and liberal identities overlap, exposing the paradox that while it may be an affront to liberal values, its suppression is equally illiberal. The shallowness of the debate risks running into a rather illiberal liberalism