When Gandhiji spoke to us

In his autobiography, Gandhiji talked of his visit to Calcutta as it then was in 1896, and the contrasting receptions he got from editors of the different newspapers he met to talk about his work in South Africa. One editor thought he was a wandering Jew while another after keeping him waiting for an hour told him, “You had better go. I am not disposed to listen to you.” Gandhiji writes: “…I met the Anglo-Indian editors also. The Statesman and The Englishman realised the importance of the (South African) question. I gave them long interviews and they published them in full.” We publish these interviews here, among the first of Gandhiji published in India.

Interview: ‘Diversity hallmark of Indian music’

The accomplished musician has been conferred with many prestigious awards including the Sangeet Natak Academy’s Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar award. In an interview with DIPANKAR CHAKRABORTY, Manasi shares her thoughts about her musical journey and India’s first interactive music museum, Indian Music Experience (IME), that she currently heads. Excerpts:

Malaika Arora shares her diet, fitness regime

Malaika, who launched Reebok's new range of walking products to encourage people to live a fitter, better lifestyle, believes eating right is the best way to maintain your health.