‘Legacy allows us to create something that could live forever’: Krescon

Krescon believes that each one of us has the potential to become a legend and it’s started by creating a legacy for yourself that truly matters.

‘Legacy allows us to create something that could live forever’: Krescon

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In conversation with Anish Rakheja, popularly known as Coach Anish, is the Founder of Krescon Coaches.

1. Please explain how your firm Krescon Coaches is enabling people globally to become ‘Legends’ while blazing a trail in Career, Business, and Leadership & Legacy Coaching?

At Krescon coaches, we believe there are 3 steps to becoming a legend:


Awareness – Becoming Aware of our true state of being pure consciousness. Hence, in effect a Living Legend

Contemplation –Reflecting on our true nature and identity of that being a legend, thus deepening that thought and preparing oneself to consciously play the game of life with that awareness.

Assimilation/Manifestation –Real-life application of the thoughts into action by practically applying the learnings in day-to-day interactions.

Krescon partners with leaders, professionals, celebrities, business owners nudging them to continue to increase their awareness and facilitate deeper reflections and finally helping them put the learnings into practice in a structured manner for a powerfully transformative experience.

2. In your view, what are the steps one needs to follow to become “legendary”? And why become a “legend’ in the first place?

When we play the Game of Life, let’s play it BIG so after the end of the game there is no regret. If we have to have a meaningful purpose in life, nothing can be better than to strive for becoming a legend. Krescon believes that each one of us has the potential to become a legend and it’s started by creating a legacy for yourself that truly matters. Legacy is our identity. It is what defines us and keeps us alive for posterity. Legacy allows us to create something that has the potential to live forever and turn us into immortal. It is the elixir of life. In order to embark on a legacy creation process and to move towards becoming a true legend, Krescon Coaches has created a powerful Legacy creation framework called ARISE using it successfully in transforming Leaders into legends.

3. Explain the key USPs of your 9-month-long Bhagavat Gita-based transformational program, i.e. Well Played – A Salute from Life, and the impact this program has created so far?

It is a revolutionary one-of-a-kind program that allows organizations to develop a Leadership pipeline based on the transformative lessons of Leadership, Life, and Legacy. It also helps the existing Leaders to have clarity regarding their true identity. The program takes the learnings from the best in the world including leveraging the ancient Vedic Wisdom as articulated in the revered Bhagavad Gita – the epitome of Indian Vedic knowledge. Deep within are the precious jewels that have the power to catapult an individual to the pinnacle of leadership by raising his awareness to dazzling heights. In that heightened state of awareness, he develops a powerful expansion that allows him to change his outlook towards himself and others. It also enables him in quieting the inner turmoil that prevents us from having a life of excellence and achieving success that truly matters. It allows us to play the ‘Game of life’ in such a way that at the end of the game, life shakes hands and says – WELL PLAYED.

The key USPs of the program is as follows:
● Dedicated Personal Coach for 1:1 interactions and soulful conversation
● Regular monitoring and driving accountability for long-term habit formation.
● Customized learnings are unique to one’s specific needs and stage of life journey.
● Understanding Vedic wisdom through Bhagavad Gita for deep reflections.
● Focus on the practical implementation of concepts with a stacking approach.
● Exploration of the inner world and removal of limiting barriers, beliefs, & blockages.

The Powerful takeaways of the program can be summarized as follows:

Stage1: Increasing Fluidity for reaching the pinnacle of Leadership Thinking
● Quieting the inner turbulences for laser focus thinking.
● Honing conflict management & people handling skills for impactful leadership
● Increasing resilience to remain in a flow state in the fast-changing VUCA world.
● Breaking the shackles of linear thinking by developing dynamic decision-making abilities
Stage 2: Achieving Stability by integrating the vision, identity, and purpose with the core values
● Understanding one’s core values & empowering beliefs for inner excellence.
● Forging value-based long-term sustainable future-forward roadmap for the business.
● Driving value-based change management & performance excellence in every interaction.
Stage 3: Developing External Alignment for Inspirational Leadership
▪ Safeguarding the business and humanity by mentoring future leaders.
▪ Facilitating legacy creation process to bring a deeper meaning to self and business.
▪ Demonstrating a serving and holistic approach to leadership in thoughts and actions

4. Why is leadership development important for one’s workplace success? Apart from this what are the key strategic aspects important for one’s professional growth?

Leaders are the legacy creators of any organization. The survival of the firm depends upon the leader who is at the helm driving the organization either towards its success or doom. Current and future leaders need to understand and demonstrate the core values (V) that are the foundations of any organization, be clear about the identity (I) that the organization holds and the purpose (P) or reason for its existence. The leader has to further ensure that the organization’s vision (V) is aligned to the previous three attributes (Values, Identity & Purpose) which results in the organization and the leader becoming a VVIP. We at Krescon Coaches firmly believe that any leadership skills can be developed and frankly, is secondary. It’s character building that’s the most important aspect of Leadership development and is what we focus upon. Even the word Krescon means Growth with Consciousness. Shifting our focus on meaningful and conscious growth for the self and the others is the finest strategy one can adopt for one’s professional growth.

5. As a Coach, what is your success mantra for yourself and your clients?

As a Coach, I firmly stand by my Value systems of Confidentiality, Accountability, and Trustworthiness. They are like the 3 legs of the tripod providing a base on which Krescon Coaches stands. Being true to those values is the reason for the successes of Krescon Coaches. All our clients (we prefer to call them family members of Krescon) are aware of the importance that our values hold for us. For example, our members know that any information they share with us will remain confidential and there will not be any lost talks. They also know that we hold ourselves accountable for the promised outcome even to the extent of the commercials being designed around the output rather than the input. Furthermore, all our coaches are highly experienced and globally certified and we use the best tools/framework available in the world. Hence, all the members of Krescon are assured of the highest, ethics, quality, and delivery.

6. According to you, what are the best ways to groom existing professionals in an organization to become superlative business leaders and entrepreneurs in the future?

I firmly believe the essential step of leadership grooming is to help them have clarity about their Values, Identity, and Purpose – The big WHY of managing a business, working in an organization, or turning into an entrepreneur. Next, it’s about internal and external alignment for high stability. Once the stability is reached, it empowers them to enhance their Vision to include humanity and society in their purpose and move towards the pinnacle of inspirational leadership. To become a superlative business leader and entrepreneur, it is all about increasing the awareness and putting that awareness into practice, one step at a time, recreating and deepening the powerful habit channels.

7. What are the key achievements of Krescon Coaches as of date? And what is the firm’s future plans/roadmap for growth, expansion, etc.?

We define our achievements based on the impact we can bring for the organization, business families & individuals as they move towards the journey of becoming a legend and in the process create, preserve and grow their legacy. Our biggest achievement has been the transformation that we see in each of our Krescon Family members i.e our clients. Instead of chasing revenue/growth numbers, we focus purely on our purpose i.e. Creating Legends. In Krescon, it’s about family first, business second. All our future plans are designed towards ways to bring about the external and internal development of our family members. We define our growth by the transformation we can bring in the life of our members and hence making the chase of the numbers, irrelevant.