Rate Cuts Premature

In the intricacies of economic policy, the relationship between inflation and interest rates is a pivotal one.

Rural Inflation

The economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic in India has been marked by a stark K-shaped pattern, where different segments of the population experience recovery at varying rates.

Inflation a matter of grave concern, says AAP

The AAP leader said prior to the 2014 elections, the BJP sought votes in the country making inflation its biggest issue and gave the slogan ‘Bahut hui mehangai ki maar, Abki baar Modi Sarkar’ (Enough of inflation, this time it’s the Modi government).

Inflation pressures

Inflation, once thought to be tamed and controlled by the steady hand of central banks, is staging a comeback, and it is not a quiet one. The era of low inflation, marked by decades of economic stability, seems like a distant memory as we grapple with the resurgence of price pressures.