Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Health for All

The scheme will replace existing data generation systems with a new software for all machines in the health sector in the country with a central processor that will extract the relevant data from individual records.

PM to address 3rd USISPF summit on Thursday

The USISPF is a non-profit organization that works for the partnership between India and the US. The theme of the five-day summit that began on August 31 is "US-India Navigating New Challenges".

Success in J&K

J&K achieved 100 per cent household electrification which has rekindled the hopes of many who had never seen electricity in their lives. Household water connections have reached 43 per cent of rural households which is double the national average of 21 per cent, and a road map has been prepared to ensure 100 per cent coverage

China’s compulsions

The external affairs situation is gearing itself into a remarkable opportunity for New Delhi to regain what we lost in 1962 and before. It is as if many a planet is positioning itself to assist India