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In the heyday of the Congress one-party dominant system, Speaker Mavlankar stipulated that an official opposition party status would require a minimum presence of 10 per cent in the Lok Sabha. The underlying assumption was that with the maturing of democracy, a balanced party system would evolve and a well-defined space would facilitate accommodation of the opposition to be effective and articulate and eventually become part of the government, as is the practice in Britain

Swaraj Route

Motilal Nehru mobilized his supporters as he was fully aware that Gandhi’s staunch supporters would mount a vehement opposition at…

Miles to go before the NEP delivers

India's third proper education policy since Independence, the New National Education Policy saw the light of day on 29 July 2020 with the commitment of major changes in the education system of the country. When the policy was announced in the midst of the pandemic to aim at bringing about much needed transformational changes in the country's education system with a global perspective, skillbased learning seemed to have been prioritised with the use of modern technology.

Missing History 

Re-reading India Wins Freedom is akin to paying tribute to generations of heroic figures completely obsessed with their anti-British, anti-imperialism revolutionary activities, having scant regard for personal safety or impending hardship in jails