Hindi cinema

Cinema can contribute to a better society

Many fans and well-wishers of Hindi cinema have been concerned by the drought - almost a famine - of really good films in recent times. When was the last great film - one which would have an assured place in any listing of all-time great Hindi films - released? This may be a good time to remember some of the best film-makers who contributed outstanding films with social relevance. Bimal Roy was a highly talented film-maker who contributed some of the best films of this genre, including Do Bigha Zamin, Bandini and Sujata.

Up and down

The ubiquitous staircase has captivated the imagination of both mainstream and avant-garde filmmakers for generations and they have used it as a site to either articulate a play of passion or to accentuate the expression of power, tension and drama between characters differentiated by gender, ranks and hierarchy.