global warming

Alarm bells after drastic dip in groundwater levels

The state irrigation department, considering the drastic fall in groundwater levels, insisted districts like East Burdwan, Hooghly, Bankura, Jhargram, Nadia, West Midnapore to stress more on micro-irrigation and an instruction on this reached the district headquarters in the mid of January

Water security must be enhanced in India

Water resources are essential for economic development. India has 4 per cent of global water resources for its use. India’s water resources are under immense pressure.

Need to Cut Down on Air-Craft Industry to Contain Global warming!!

Aviation is currently one of the fastest-growing sources of the greenhouse gas emissions driving global climate change. With the expected passenger rise of 8.2 billion by 2025 and the expected industry revenues of $498 billion by 2022 there is a growing concern of increased share of air pollution resulting due to aircraft industry.