Foreign policy

A Changing World~II

Russia will not win, and Ukraine cannot lose. Germany, caught in a crisis not of its own making, has to find a way to regain stability and order and of course economic growth

Diplomatic test

What is of concern in diplomatic circles, however, are the flashpoint issues which could end up making the G20 presidency a poisoned chalice for India.

External Challenges

The power of these China-made institutions is alarming; the Bertelsmann Transformation Index 2020 notes that many AIIB projects challenge US global and Japanese regional leadership roles.

Inter-faith harmony is crucial

The foreign policy crisis that has arisen due to inflammatory statements will hopefully pass sooner rather than later. For a short while, voluntary restraint on giving many more examples of such harmful, injurious statements may be advisable as a part of damage control.

Foreign policy needs a domestic boost

In the middle of several problems, an encouraging and reassuring sign of recent times is that India’s foreign policy has held its ground in the middle of mounting pressures from various sides, at times even earning unexpected praise from traditional rivals and critics.

Back on track

Getting India-Nepal ties back on an even keel is perhaps the most urgent task for the Indian foreign policy establishment in the neighbourhood.