Nine children with ARI, fever die at Siliguri hospital

Dr Sanjay Chakraborty, MSVP of NBMCH said, "In the paediatric department, within 24 hours, 27 children were admitted. Out of them, 10 patients were diagnosed with ARI. A total of 56 children have been admitted to the hospital."

Common virus found in most ailing children

"The critical care unit for pediatric cases like neonatal intensive care units, and paediatrics intensive care units, have already been developed and are being utilised for treating more serious cases. The RS virus infection is generally self-limiting and cured by three-four days, and the death rate is extremely low for such infection,"

3 kids die of viral fever in Bihar

An official of Bihar Health Department said that 830 children with viral fever visited the OPDs of different private and government hospitals across the state till Tuesday evening and 113 of them were admitted in children's wards

Now smart ring to detect fever before you feel it

"With wearable devices that can measure temperature, we can begin to envision a public Covid early alert system," said study author Benjamin Smarr from the University of California, San Diego in the US.