Gilloi – A great immunity booster and a super detox agent

A famous herb used extensively in treatment of many illnesses and used in the correction of auto-immunity

Gilloi – A great immunity booster and a super detox agent

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Gilloi is a medicinal plant which you can easily grow in your garden. It is basically a climber which grows all over the neem, mango, guava and many other tress in almost all forests and gardens and parks in the cities. The plant can easily be grown from seed and stem. This herb is potent as the famous ‘tulsi’ as an immunity booster and it also boasts of being a super detox agent.

If you have access of fresh gilloi, it can be churned in a blender and strained with water and consumed as fresh juice in small quantities. Fresh gilloi leaves can also be chewed daily for an overall healthy body. Besides consuming gilloi in these forms, you can also consume it in powder or tablet form. They are easily available in market. The herb works very well on fever and fatigue.

Gilloi has been used for curing many health issues since old times. It has the ability to prevent and cure many diseases including:


Fever: Gilloi is a super food that you should have every single day if you are suffering from chikungunya, dengue or plain fever. It not only helps in reducing fever but also increases blood platelet count.

Arthritis and asthma: Gilloi is highly alkaline and has anti-inflammatory effect. These properties aid in treating arthritis and asthma.

Diabetes: Gilloi can help reduce blood glucose levels for type-2 diabetes.

Stomach related issue: This herb aids in digestion and thus helps cure many stomach related issues.

Immunity disorder: Gilloi has strong antioxidant properties which protect against free radical damage and boost immunity.

Skin problems: Gilloi is an excellent liver bracer. It keeps liver healthy and thus cure many skin problems. It also helps to kep your skin youthful and radiant.

Jaundice: Gilloi juice helps in treating water-borne diseases like jaundice.

Wounds: Gilloi extract has potent wound healing properties.

Urinary tract disorder: When gilloi juice is mixed with a little honey and consumed on an empty stomach, the solution is very beneficial to manage urinary tract disorder.

Anti-ageing properties: Being rich in antioxidants like ascorbic acid, lycopene and carotene, gilloi contains anti-ageing properties.

Obesity: Gilloi juice eliminates accumulation of fats from the body. This definitely leads to loss of weight. It also helps in regulating body metabolism which in turn helps the body not to accumulate unnecessary fat.

Heart disease: Gilloi juice helps in reducing the chances of high blood pressure. Thus it helps prevent various heart related issues.

Although gilloi is a very effective herb for curing diseases but if you are taking other medicines, you should take this herb only under medical supervision. For example, if you are taking medicines to lower diabetes and consuming this herb simultaneously, it may further lower the blood glucose levels and cause serious problem. It’s usage in pregnancy should also be monitored under strict medical supervision. Gilloi consumption is not advisable for children under the age of five years. For children above five years also, the dosage should be less in a day as compared to adults.