Feminist discourse

Gloria Jean Watkins (better known as bell hooks) was a persuasive and powerful voice of black feminism. She used her maternal great grandmother‘s name, a woman she greatly admired because of her ‘bold and snappy tongue‘. She insisted on using the lower-case letter in her name as she wanted the focus to be on her ideas and not on herself. She argued that feminism was not about making women equal to men as all men were not equal in a capitalist, racist and homophobic society

Giving Sita a #MeToo-inspired voice

"While keeping the epic's storyline mostly intact, I have changed some events and subplots, added new scenes or twists, and altered a few characters as I needed to narrate Sita's story for contemporary readers," Panikcer said.

Laudable effort

Two girls of Jadavpur University have set up a women’s library at Sheoraphuli crowd-sourcing books and funds from different cities and countries.

Belated War Cry

Sexual harassment in the workplace has, of late, become fairly common with an increasing number of cases being mentioned on…