Drinking Water

Odisha Govt issues advisory in the wake of heat wave

District collectors across the state have been asked to launch awareness campaigns to acquaint people about the risks associated with the heat wave, identify the risks and what to do if someone is affected by the heat wave.

Safer Water

Water is as old as human civilization. Ecological needs of water as a scarce natural resource and as an essential commodity fundamental to life, livelihood and human survival have, of late, been recognized by all concerned agencies. In this backdrop, a person of wisdom would want to know the impact of water pollution on human health and the importance of clean drinking water, which is an important ingredient concomitant to sustainable development.

Bengaluru needs Mekedatu

It is estimated that after supplying 192 tmc ft water to Tamil Nadu as per the agreement between the two states, another 250 tmc ft water flows to Tamil Nadu and joins the sea

New paradigms needed for effluent assessment

This economic growth has imposed tremendous pressure on India’s water bodies, which have already been heavily polluted. Nearly 70 per cent of the total available surface water in India is polluted and is unsuitable for human consumption, agricultural and industrial uses.