death penalty

Death penalty not a deterrent

The government, though, estimates the number of deaths at “only” 6,000 who died in the course of over 200,000 anti-illegal drug operations as of May this year.

Death for rape

Rocked by nearly 1,000 incidents of rape between January and September, a fifth of them gang rapes, the country’s Cabinet this week approved the death penalty for rapists.

Bangladesh approves death penalty for rape cases

The approval comes in the wake of protests staged by different organisations at Dhaka's Shahbagh square and other parts of the country against sexual assaults on a woman in Noakhali and the rape of another woman in Sylhet's MC College.

Saudi Arabia ends death penalty for minors

The death penalty has been eliminated for those convicted of crimes committed while they were minors, Human Rights Commission president Awwad Alawwad said in a statement, citing a royal decree.