Russian evolution

Understanding this context is key to making sense of President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine in February this year.

Crimean echo

The apparent use of covert forces behind enemy lines underscored what they call the “inventiveness” of Ukraine’s forces.

The amnesia of Western violence

Many groups/communities that expose state violence, Islamophobia, social injustices, unequal pay, envionmental degradation, Israeli colonial practices and racism are labelled as deviant.

Flare-up in Crimea

Such strained assertions were contradicted by videos from the scene and by a tally of the damage by officials in Crimea, a strategic peninsula in Ukraine.

Non-fictional President

Like the fictional President of his television series, Zelenskiy has promised to clean up politics and end the stranglehold of the oligarchy over Ukraine, but he has offered little by way of specifics.

Jazz in times of conflict

Music — one of the finest expressions of art — has played diverse roles at different points of time in…