Chief Justice of India

SC steps in

The court’s decision to take custody of the entire election record, including ballot papers and videography of the electoral process, is a decisive move toward unravelling the truth behind the alleged vote tampering.

What’s law without virtue and a touch of wisdom?

The Supreme Court’s rulings on privacy, same-sex relationships, the national biometric identification system, the hijab ban and reservations, to name a few, have garnered attention both within India and on the global stage.

Basic Structure~II

The soundness of the historic ruling can be ‘judged‘ from the fact that for half a century now, various Division Benches of the apex court have not only reiterated the doctrine but expanded the base of the ‘basic structure‘ to include more liberal features into it. Democracy is being continually fortified, and its roots are being nourished with several subsequent decisions on the unfailing strength of Bharti ruling. The Court, by making explicit the earlier implicit basic postulates of the rule of law has arguably engraved our basic freedoms in stone, or, shall we say granite?