British rule

Through a European prism

Marcello Musto’s The AntiColonialist published in The Statesman (30 October 2023) ignores the fact that Marx’s views on the non-European world, like his overall political theorizing, flowed from Hegelian prescriptions.

Remembering a revolutionary

Whether Gandhi tried to persuade the then Viceroy Lord Irwin with full sincerity of purpose to commute the death sentence is a matter of debate till today, but what is not so debated is the fact that in our history textbooks the role of armed revolutionaries in the freedom struggle is not given due recognition.

Why can’t the Japanese say sorry?

Among the flood of tributes to Queen Elizabeth II that followed her passing were recollections of her 2011 visit to Ireland, the first by a British monarch in a century. It was a trip for healing, though there were doubts about its success.