British Government

Ups and Downs~II

India finally won its independence on 15 August 1947. Power was transferred by the British to the two Dominions, India, and Pakistan. It has often been suggested that Britain’s decision.

Ups and Downs~I

The demise of Queen Elizabeth ll in August not only denotes the end of an era in Britain’s post War history but also the beginning of a new phase in Britain’s relations with India, the Commonwealth, and the rest of the world.

No need for official football regulator, says English Premier League

The English Premier League outlined its position after the British government paved the way for sweeping changes to the way football is governed. Following the endorsement of recommendations made in a fan-led review of the game, the government announced the establishment of an independent regulator in football.

War without end

Theresa May’s terribly belated appeal to Saudi Arabia to lift the blockade of Yemen and resume essential supplies such as…