Thoughts on banning books

Well-known novelists, creative authors, erudite thinkers and even authoritative dissertation writers are sometimes faced with questions about their works when…

Books as Life

Have we inadvertantly divorced our best life partners ~ books? Books are life partners that help you build your life…

Hilary Mantel: An Author Who Weaved Historical Events into Fiction

What made Hilary Mantel different from others was her art of waving historical incidents into fictional tales that still remained historically accurate. Two of her such books, Wolf Hall (2009) and its sequel, Bring Up the Bodies (2012), were awarded Booker Prize.

Visionary Books of PM Modi

In 2015, During COP21 Summit the book “Convenient Action- Continuity for Change” was released.

What’s stopping us from reading books?

A 40-year study conducted between 1955 and 1995 on trends of leisure reading within the Dutch population found that an average person's reading time reduced to half, especially during the initial phase of television (1955–1975).