Need to cover non-conventional issues in audit: CAG Girish Murmu

Rapid infrastructure development and expansion in railway network has brought new challenges to the auditors to adapt to the changing environment by bringing appropriate changes in auditing skills and tools, said CAG Girish Chandra Murmu while addressing the director generals of audit of all 17 railway zones and senior officials of the Railway Board on Tuesday.

Baby and bathwater

Whereas no one can deny government the right to introduce and to withdraw any provisions in different tax statutes, at the same time the professional and business community deserve a certain degree of assurance with regard to compliance provisions so as not to build up facilities which may be left redundant because of sudden changes in laws

City police to undertake audit of private offices

"The move to undertake audit of private offices operating with 25 per cent of workforce had been necessitated to ensure adherence to the rules of running such offices, in conjunction with maintenance of social distancing rules, any violation of which could invite strong action," said an officer.

Comptroller’s combat ~ I

The CAG is not a bloodhound. He is always referred to as a constitutional watchdog. There is of course an inherent systemic issue when a committed bureaucrat is appointed as CAG. He might then tend to become an extra loyal lapdog