Exploring multiple themes through ceramic art

The Art Alive Gallery's new group show titled 'Immersive Infinities' being held in the national capital features works of six artists that allow the audience to experience ceramic art through the prism of immersive experiences while narrating stories of history, politics, nature, environmental concerns, community, and more.

Glorious India~II

Even after the decline of the golden period of the Gupta empire, great works of art, architecture and culture continued to flourish at four corners of India from the sixth century till the thirteenth century when invaders consolidated their rule on the holy land and stopped the festival of indigenous arts and cultural activities

Shovin’s artwork ‘Between Body and Imagination’ on view till 10 March

Shovin’s paintings are primarily created in acrylic and charcoal on canvas. Thematically they deal with animal life engaging with urbanity. For his recent series, he also uses the trope of mirror imagery where the image of the tiger, leopard, zebra, or civet cat is split into two beings located on either side of the canvas with the sprawling city between them.

Ancient India is marking its entry into the NFT world

"The first artwork being launched on WazirX NFT platform is one of the greatest creations by humans ever. We are still offering it at a nominal price to its bidders because we believe that this launch shall initiate a revolution in the world of art, creating a new market for Indian artists who focus on the power of emotions in their artworks, as represented by these ancient works," says Manav Kumar (Tech Research Analyst of Sapio Analytics).