A man synonymous with diplomacy

Henry Kissinger In the complex realm of global diplomacy, there's a question that lingers. Who exactly was Henry Kissinger? Some consider him to be the best diplomat of the past six decades who left an indelible mark on the most turbulent years in global politics.

A flat roof in America

One of the common features of houses in India that we all grew up in is a flat roof. Of course, there are huts with roofs made of straw or clay tiles as well as various structures with slanted tiled or metallic roofs but those are indicatives of subpar living conditions.

Parallel worlds joined at the hip

In Hong Kong for the 2023 Asian Global Dialogue, reading two newspapers today shows how we live in parallel mental worlds but are joined at the hip in one physical planet.

Has the West lost the Rest?

The images and news coming out of Gaza are so horrific that I cannot think of anything hopeful or constructive that can come of this cataclysm.

Olympic split

Belated miracles or epic rescue acts not having been budgeted for anywhere, next year’s Summer Olympics in Paris could send the quadrennial showpiece event inching back to a split

American muddle

At the eleventh hour, American lawmakers have managed to dodge a government shutdown with the passage of a temporary spending bill. While the immediate crisis has been averted