Air sickness

Merging two airlines into one is a task fraught with risk, as Air India and Indian Airlines learnt to their discomfiture more than a decade and a half ago when a merger was forced on them by then Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel, overriding concerns voiced, including by this newspaper, that the scheme was hare-brained.

High-level Saudi delegation to visit Pakistan

Pakistan’s Foreign Office confirmed the visit stating that the high-level Saudi delegation would be led by Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah, who will be accompanied by a team of important and esteemed figures from the business community.

Air pressure

A second incident in Korea of a disturbed passenger attempting to open the door of an aircraft in flight must raise concerns on the protocols followed by airlines in assessing the fitness of passengers to fly, and the procedures to be followed when such incidents occur.

Ariana Afghan Airlines to resume India, China, Kuwait flights

The Afghanistan Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock (ACAL) said that with the start of flights between Kabul and Delhi, the country's exports will also see a boost with India being one of the largest markets for Afghan agricultural and horticultural products.