Abhishek quizzed for five hours by ED

Yesterday also before leaving for Delhi, Mr Banerjee had said, “The BJP cannot digest the defeat in West Bengal so they are using the agencies to harass me and malign the Trinamul Congress. Last year, the couple had filed a case in Delhi High Court that since the case is related to West Bengal, they need not be summoned in the Capital everytime for interrogation. But the Delhi High Court dismissed the case on 11 March.

Abhishek Banerjee may leave Trinamool’s organisational responsibilities

"There is no question of counter-pressure politics. It is very natural of Abhishek to think that if he can't do what he wants to do then there is no point sticking to a post and holding a position rather it would be much better if he leaves the responsibility. In that case he can work with a free mind for the people of Diamond Harbour".