The ladies’ coach in the Metro is no doubt extremely convenient for the city’s women, especially during rush hours. And given the privacy that this coach offers for women, they can be seen more relaxed, many of them taking a brief cat-nap. Many a time, particularly the younger lot, can be seen combing their hair and touching up their make-up before stepping out. A colleague narrated how she witnessed two women merrily engrossed in a make-up session in a nearly empty ladies coach.

There were hardly four women in the entire ladies coach, which perhaps made them less conscious about anybody watching them. The two young ladies did a complete make-up session for each other. While one applyied a liquid eye-liner, the other was busy touching up her lipstick. Then they set each other’s hair to almost perfection using a mirror and a comb, and ended their “beauty session” by applying a strong deodorant, the fragrance of which almost spread to the general coach next to it.

In fact, that actually caught the attention of the men in the general coach, who, curious about what was going on in the women-only coach, couldn’t help but stare. As the two ladies, their make-over complete, stepped out of the train, leaving behind a trail of perfume, our colleague couldn’t help but admire their devil-may-care attitude. Having turned the Metro coach into a convenient beauty parlour, they certainly made good use of their travel time!