The Godard code

Godard's influence on the French New Wave is profound, characterised by a departure from classical narrative structures and a rejection of established cinematic norms. One of the defining features of Godard’s approach was his innovative use of jump cuts, a technique that involved abrupt transitions between scenes, challenging the smooth continuity prevalent in classical cinema.

Adhering To Tradition

A dance festival organised by Shinjan Nrityalaya focused on gods and goddesses as the central theme.

‘Different stories are being told’

Poorna Jagannathan, shining star of Never Have I Ever on Netflix, speaks about the anatomy of loss, feminine anger and representing an authentic brown experience in Hollywood.

Man, myth & master

With incomparable humility and charm, Dilip Kumar left his golden imprint on the sands of Indian cinema

Humming with restrained passion

Amitava Nag’s incredible book of conversations with Soumitra Chatterjee reads like an intimate close-up of the screen icon’s life.

‘Indian films are not just Bollywood films’

Actor, director and activist, Nandita Das is a voice to reckon with. In this freewheeling conversation, she speaks on what has shaped her aesthetic sensibilities and the overt bias against dark skin in our culture and cinema, among a plethora of other issues.

Inspirational indeed

An “inspirational” film is one that moves a part of the audience to do something about their lives or careers, which they had not thought seriously about before.

Rituparna was ideal for Bijoya

Debut director Nirmal Chakraborty is adapting Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Datta to the silver screen. In this candid conversation, he speaks about the period film’s conception, importance of workshops and Santiniketan as a backdrop.