An emotional bonding with Kathak

Durga is happy and content to carry forward the legacy of pure kathak among her students. Durga believes this success of her long creative journey has been possible only because of the tapasya and sacrifices made by her not-so-well-off parents.

Murder Mubarak is a whodunnit recipe gone wrong

In the film, Sara Ali Khan and Vijay Verma’s characters get the most screen time other than the detective, and we know why. Oftentimes, their characters’ relationships overshadow the mystery, making the murder the side plot.

Chitragati: A mosaic of lyrical landscapes and storytelling

Credits for Chitragati Collective go to music designer Sayak Mitra, who also gave the voiceover along with Deepmoy Das. Instruments played were by Mandola Joy, Prabir Chatterjee (percussionist), and Rick Mukherjee (flautist). The lights were designed by Amlan Chaudhary.

Reducing relapses

In 2007, dancer Alokananda Roy and former ADG Prisons Banshi Dhar Sharma embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to rehabilitate prisoners through the transformative power of culture therapy.