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‘Love being a performer’

Television actor Ravi Dubey shares about the new game show Sabse Smart Kaun and how he takes up every project with a sense of responsibility.

Rakesh Kumar |

Actor Ravi Dubey, who is known for daily soaps like Saas Bina Sasural and Jamai, will soon host a new game show, Sabse Smart Kaun, on Star Plus.

However, this is not his first stint with hosting. The 34-year-old actor has earlier hosted shows like Rising Star (Season 2). But this will be his first stint as a host in any game show.

He is extremely excited to be part of this show and calls it really unique. The actor shared about the show and how he chooses his projects. Excerpts:

Q. Could you share about the show?

The show is unique and unusual, which celebrates smartness in common people. It will give people a chance to become rich using their common sense, by giving the right answers at the right time.

Unlike the previous game shows, in this show one doesn’t need to have knowledge of history, geography or other subjects. One doesn’t have to be well- read or informed. You have to be alert, be someone with more details quickly. And the amount of money can change one’s life.

Q. Acting or hosting?

I love being a performer. This is what makes me feel more alive.

Q. Do you choose different projects for survival?

Surviving is not my priority. From the beginning I believed if you have all your focus on surviving, you won’t be able to thrive. Many of my professional decisions in my life are contrary to survival.

For surviving I should have taken the calls that I didn’t take but for thriving, it is important to take a call which I did take. Nowadays, I have taken a call to not take long commitment with anyone. I want to stick to a commitment of three to four months and give them my 100 percent.

Q. Choose or reject a project…

There is a three letter words on the basis of which I take my call. What I feel in the first meeting when somebody is narrating any story, I go ahead on that basis.

You know, I have shocked a few big makers of the television industry by saying “No” to their projects and also small makers, saying “Yes” to their projects. If you listen to your heart you will always go in the right way and this is what I feel.

Q. Well-known people, including Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh, have hosted the game show. Any pressure to be in competition?

Even if big names have not hosted the game shows, I would have felt the same sense of responsibility. When I was associated with Rising Star (2), which is a live show, I felt the same responsibility to deliver.