A grand Kuchipudi performance in California

he centre was founded by Bhavana Reddy, the younger daughter and disciple of Kuchipudi legends Padma Bhushan's Raja Radha Reddy, and Kaushalya Reddy, who has adopted California as her home

The Talented Mr Ripley returns to haunt on Netflix

Two American mystery thriller writers, Shirley Jackson and Patricia Highsmith, continue to enthral not just readers but also filmmakers who have adapted their stories for film and television series.

Saadat Hasan died, but Manto lives on

As we celebrate his birth anniversary every year on 11 May, we remember the writer who inked society as it was, on paper, in all its humanity and inhumanity. After 112 years since his birth, we still read Manto, and his stories make us tremble even today.