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Q My sister is 21 years old. She is 5’3” tall and quite slim on the top part of her body but the lower section up to her knees is fat and has got lumps on it. She looks out of proportion and is very depressed about it. Please tell me what I can do to help her. Why is her shape so odd?

Sheila, Kolkata


Maybe your sister has got cellulite. This occurs when fat collects in globules, especially in the thigh and hip area. That is why, this portion of her body looks out of proportion to the rest of her. It is a type of obesity. Sometimes, even fairly slim people suffer from it. It is very difficult to get back into some sort of shape but diet, massage and exercise can help. Where diet is concerned, she has to control the intake of fat and too many carbohydrates. Daily routine of exercise is a must— professional advice is best. Keeping active all day helps —sitting around will only aggravate the problem.


Q I am a working person in my early 30s. I get to work by 8.30 am and do not get a chance to have my lunch till 2.30 to 3 pm. As a result, I get very hungry because I have a very light breakfast. Please tell me what I should have for breakfast so I can feel full till lunch time. But I am a little plump and want to eat sensibly — I do not want to put on weight. Also, I like variety- not to eat the same food daily.

Pallavi, Kolkata.


There is a wide choice of food for breakfast. You can have a western style one with cereal, toast and fruit or an Indian one with idli or stuffed rotis with yoghurt plus fruit. In order not to get bored, alternate the two by having brown bread toast with a thin layer of butter and jam and adding a glass of juice made with fresh fruits or vegetables or even a combination of the two. Instead of butter and jam, sometimes you can have some low fat milk paneer or slices of cucumber and tomatoes on your toast. Enjoy your meal and have enough to keep you going till lunch time. Carry a small fistful of nuts with you and eat them late morning.


Q I am nearing 25 years of age and still get a breakout of pimples now and then, and fail to understand what brings them on. Please help.

Shikha, Kolkata.


Make a note of when this happens. It often does when you are under stress reappearing just before a special function or exams- stress increases the flow of sebum. Illness and fatigue can also aggravate it and you will always find that it will get worse when you are run down in health.