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I am in my 40s and getting wrinkles. I wear makeup to work but by early evening the wrinkles begin to show. My skin is dry. Please suggest how I can keep my makeup looking fresh and how to take care of my skin?

Anindita Kumar, Kolkata

Because you have wrinkles, you must keep your makeup light. If you wear thick layers it tends to crack and show up your wrinkles even more. At your age you should clean your face with a cleansing cream and apply a moisturiser. After 10 minutes apply your makeup so there is enough time for the moisturiser to be absorbed into your skin. At night after cleansing use an anti-wrinkle night cream. Where your makeup is concerned, as your skin is dry, use a base which is moisturised and has a greater SPF content.

Q Although Pujas are coming soon and I like to look my best, it is still very hot. I perspire a lot so please advice how to apply makeup so it won’t run down my face.

Rani, Bangalore

Choosing the correct makeup is essential. If you want to make it last for the day, during the day use minimal makeup such as a lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara only. If you want to look more glamorous in the evening, then apply a compact powder over the base. Remember that the evening makeup should be a little bit brighter than the day one, so use a blusher to add colour to your face and a bright lipstick on your lips.

Make sure you do your eyes too — eye makeup is essential to brighten your look. Dab a concealer around your eyes to make the area one shade and apply a coloured liner and extend it beyond the eyes to give a winged effect. Apply lots of mascara to make the eyes look big and bold.

Q I am 18 years old and have very oily hair. Please suggest how to take care of it.

Shama, Kolkata

Previously it was thought that oiling your hair daily was bad for it, but if you have such oily hair, you can shampoo it daily but use only one application of shampoo. Do not scrub or over massage your hair when applying the shampoo. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and finish with cold water. Control your diet. Cut out red meats, fried foods, nuts, chocolates, too much spice and drinks two litres of water daily.