Fuelling their ambitions

Women are becoming more visible in the crypto currency world as they are creating significant lifestyle and professional changes using this novel and rewarding investment instrument.

Fuelling their ambitions

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Investment and fund management is an industry, mostly dominated by men. For every four male investors, there is just one female investor.

Further to this, investment in crypto-currencies until recently was driven by men folk.

But this scene is changing as slowly and gradually women are becoming more visible in the crypto currency world and they are using it to create significant changes in their lives using this new and one of the most rewarding investment instruments. According to a recent survey carried out by Crypto Exchange BuyUcoin across large metro cities in India, female traders spend more than Rs 1,40,000 on average, whereas men invest half of that, around Rs 70,000 on investment in Crypto currencies.


For the readers who are new to the topic, crypto currency is one of the most visible applications of a very popular and much trust-worthy blockchain technology that eliminates the need of middlemen, allowing transactions to perform directly between two entities.

Crypto currencies are digital currencies that are able to operate as a medium of exchange at a person-toperson level, enabling direct payments between individuals or entities in some cases. Because it is distributed and exchanged, there is no need for a centralised entity, such as a bank or a technology company to manage it. Discussed below are some of the trends fuelling the transition of increased investments by women in crypto currency against traditional investments into gold, real-estate or equity. Adoption of technology, ease of investing.

The slow but steady adoption of block chain technology and crypto currencies is contributing to an increasing number of women wishing to include this innovation in their everyday lives.

In March, financial platform 2gether revealed that 23 per cent of its app users are women aged between 26 and 45, belonging from a wide range of professions such as accountancy, economics or law.

As the report points out, today female users spend crypto currency in the same way as they would spend their fiat currency. Absence of brokerage or middlemen Since crypto currency is based on block chain technology and doesn’t require any exchange, reseller, or dealer, there is an increased trust among women to invest in his medium.

Not only do they save on commission and brokerages’ fees, the elimination of middlemen restores their trust in the transparency of the process.

Also, millennial women share equal responsibilities with their male counterparts when it comes to financial matters.

They are well aware of the ways in which to secure their financial future. In fact, they are a step ahead and taking the lead when it comes to investing and financial planning for the future. Crypto trading as a career option In the world of crypto currencies, women are not only limited to trading digital money but are also entering roles traditionally dominated by men, such as analysts, developers and company leads. At the same time, statistics show that block chain companies founded by women are successfully competing with those run by men.

The market now is witnessing renowned competitors, firms that are increasingly being led by women. The growing number of female participants and speakers at crypto conferences is a clear testimony to this.

In the 2019 Paris Blockchain Summit, there was a 56 per cent increase in female attendees’ participation and a 22 per cent rise in female speakers’ participation as compared to the earlier summit.

Now as more women are reaching the top of the funnel, further education and information can play a really significant role in taking the trend forward, and bring more women investors into the crypto currency world. Investors in the past have multiplied their gains by 500 per cent to 1000 per cent and this is high time that women folk leverage this incredible investment opportunity.