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Under Harminder Dulowal’s training Indian athletes shines at WBC 22.

The Indian bodybuilders had won as many as 15 medals at the much-coveted championship.


Young bodybuilders once again displayed their superiority at the World Bodybuilding Championship, held in Singapore.

They brought home as many as 15 medals at the competition. The Fitness International Federation (FIF) organised the World Bodybuilding Championship, which was overseen by its world president Dennis Tew,Six Indian athletes, two from Himachal Pradesh and four from Punjab, went on to win 15 medals.

It is remarkable to watch how a select group of young people leave their impact on several continents and sectors in a variety of ways. To realise their full potential and develop into their best selves, it is crucial to shed more light on the adventures individuals take and the various roads they travel.

The field of sports and fitness is unique in that it has produced countless skilled individuals who have excelled in a variety of disciplines, including bodybuilding. Indian bodybuilders never cease to astound the globe with their fierce competition and aggressiveness.

Harminder Dulowal, the FIF India president based in Kapurthala, who served as the team’s mentor and supporter while they competed, said “it is undoubtedly a proud moment for India and that additional young athletes and aspiring bodybuilders are gearing up to compete in the future championships.”

The 15 medals gained were distributed as follows: Ankush, Bhupinder Singh, Deepak, and Karan from Punjab; Dilip Dauji and Sushil Kumar from Himachal Pradesh; and five were gold, seven silver, and three bronze.

Currently, Harminder  is working hard to prepare these kids and others for future competitions. In addition to being a judge at the FIF International and WFF International championships, as of now far over 200 international-level athletes, including men and women bodybuilders took training from him.