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Searching for Ambrose in Bangladesh, says Walsh


Bowling coach Courtney Walsh is keen to help Bangladesh produce a pacer duo in the mould of him and his compatriot Curtly Ambrose who had forged a world-beating pair in the 1990s.

The 53-year-old Jamaican wants to be more like a mentor and less like a conventional coach to Bangladesh, reports

"I don’t see myself too much as a coach as I see myself as a mentor — as father figure. I can help relieve them in some situations they might find themselves in," Walsh said on Sunday.

The legendary fast bowler reached Dhaka on Saturday night and went to the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) office to sign the three-year contract on Sunday.

"I have always been involved in cricket, be it in Gloucester, Jamaica or West Indies. I have always tried to get a couple of fast bowlers under my wing to mentor. Curtly Ambrose was one of them," he added.

"So, if I can get a second Ambrose from Bangladesh, I will be happy."

"We formed one of the best striking partnerships in world cricket. If I can pass that to any two Bangladeshi fast bowlers, I will be very happy," he said at his first press conference here.

He recalled the role his seniors played in his improvement.

"I remember Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holding and Joel Garner. When I just started, that’s what they did for me. I hope to pass that on to the Bangladesh team."

Boasting a towering tally of 519 Test wickets, Walsh said his "natural instinct" led him to accept the Bangladesh job.

"I’ve never ever played in Bangladesh in my career. It’s another chance to make new friends, and I always like challenges and get a satisfactory end result at the end of everything. It is a combination of both."

In his career, Walsh was able to bowl through long spells without compromising with his pace. He plans to prepare his new disciples in the same way, both physically and mentally.

"I am very excited with some of the young Bangladeshi fast bowlers. They have improved, and if I can help them a little bit more, that’s the key. I will strive for consistency and hard work," he said.

Walsh said he may not be the "the best with names" in regard to team selection but he would like to know the players under his guidance before anything.

"I will first try to get to know the individuals as best as I can…imparting my knowledge to them. Finding out how they want to improve their game, and know their aim and objective."

"We can practice different skill-sets and levels of commitment. At the end of the day, what excites me is what the team benefits from."

He passed on a message of inspiration for the Bangladesh players.

"One thing that I want to pass on to the Bangladeshi guys is that you have to be strong and be prepared for hard work, maintain physically and consistency," the 53-year-old said.

"If we can work hand in hand with those two, we will be headed in the right path. It won’t happen overnight. We have to put in some ground work. Once we get the basics right, you will see a lot of improvement and consistency."

With immense experiences of a career spanning around 17 years, Walsh praised the Bangladesh Cricket Board for its efforts for the improvement of the country’s cricket.

"What really impressed me was the strides that Bangladesh Cricket Board wants to make for their players. They have gone leaps and bounds to improve the game. Obviously, they want to improve their rankings and I would like to be part of that."