Legendary goalkeeper of the famous 1999 Manchester United squad Peter Schmeichel knows a thing or two about the Red Devils style of play. He understandably has a lot to say about the poor performances that his former club has been putting up in the last few Premier League seasons. Following an unexpected defeat to Bournemouth, he blasted the current Manchester United squad.

According to the veteran, Manchester United’s work rate was far from being impressive in the game against Bournemouth and the same was evident in the manner in which they were defeated. He also labelled the current Manchester United players as “average”.

“It was definitely not good today,” Schmeichel told Premier League Productions as quoted by multiple sources.

“I kind of feel for Ole, I think he is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“There’s not really a lot he can do. The fact is that it’s a very average squad of players that he’s got.

“To go to Bournemouth and to, not be bullied off the pitch, but at times played off the pitch, and with only one shot on target, it’s bad,” he added.

“We’ve all experienced games like that where it’s not coming off for you and stuff like that. But what really gets to me is the work rate – the work rate is just not good enough.

“You play for Man United, you have to work hard for 90 minutes or however long the game is and there are certain players in there who come off the pitch [and] there’s no sweat on them, they look like they don’t care if those lose the ball or lose a tackle and don’t get the ball.

“For me that’s not good enough,” he concluded.