Belgium winger Eden Hazard, who joined Real Madrid from Chelsea in June on a five-year contract for a reported 100 million euros, said that he is not yet a galactico, but desires to be the one.

“I am not yet a galactico, I have to be the one to prove that I can be out on the pitch,” Hazard was quoted by Goal.

Hazard, who wore no 50 in the pre-season, dons no 7 jersey for Real Madrid, which is a legacy of former legends like Spanish star Raul Gonzalez and Portuguese talisman Cristiano Ronaldo.

“We all know the history of the number seven jersey in this club and I have to be the one to prove that I can be the best in the world,” the Belgium national said, adding, “I want to enjoy myself on the pitch, give the maximum, not only in games but also in training. I don’t doubt myself, I don’t doubt my coach. It’s all a matter of trust. I’m confident and sure everything will work out fine.”

Unfazed by the criticism around, the 28-year-old said, “The criticism doesn’t affect me. I haven’t noticed much. I know when I work to the fullest, everyone expects me to score three goals in each match.”

Showing faith in his potential, he said, “I think I can do better, I am also critical of myself, but working every day. Maybe I have a little delay because of the injury, but I am 100 per cent. I now have to demonstrate my level and improve so the fans are proud of me.”