Premier League champions Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp has stated that lifting the trophy at home Anfield will be the most special moment for the Reds.

Notably, Liverpool will be handed the trophy after Wednesday night’s game against Chelsea having won the title with a record seven games to spare, their first top-flight crown in as many as 30 years.

“I told the boys already that we have to prepare two things this week,” he told Sky Sports. (via IANS)

“Prepare for the game against Chelsea, which we will do in training, and we have to make sure that we really feel the right thing in the moment when it happens.”

“On Wednesday, we will cherish it. In this moment, we have to stop for a second, look at it, be really happy about it, enjoy it together with our fans all over the world, in heart and mind, and make it the most special moments of our life so far,” said Klopp.

“Being here champion is the most special thing you can imagine. We all have to make it a special moment inside and keep it forever inside.”

Klopp also showered praises on his players for clinching the league in such a grand manner.

“It is so big and so incredible what the boys did, and how they did it, and for different reasons, it was very challenging. We have to feel it in an appropriate way, and we will.

“We are since five match days or so ago a champion, which is completely special. We’ve had guard of honours, all the things we’re not used to, then we win a game: great. We lose a game: not so great. I will never underestimate a defeat, but we cannot forget that we won the league in a pretty exceptional manner.”