Former Real Madrid boss Fabio Capello has slammed football legend Cristiano Ronaldo for being upset after he was taken off the field by Juventus manager Maurizo Sarri in the Serie A side’s 1-0 win over AC Milan. The Portugal International was clearly upset and in fact, walked straight down the tunnel after he was substituted in the 54th minute of the match.

Capello, while interacting with Sky Sports Italia, criticised Ronaldo for his behaviour and went on to claim that “he hasn’t dribbled past anyone in three years”. The Italian football manager added that it was not nice of someone of the stature of CR7 to just ignore his teammates and walk away.

“[Cristiano] is a great champion, nobody argues with that, but he hasn’t dribbled past anyone in the last three years,” Capello told Sky Sport Italia as quoted by Marca.

“At the moment he isn’t at his best and it is normal to replace him. Sarri doesn’t need to be brave or show his personality to make that change. It’s not nice that he didn’t sit on the bench [after being taken off] and argued with Sarri.

“One has to be a champion even when he is replaced, not only when things are going well. He must respect his teammates,” he added.

Further reports claim Ronaldo even left the stadium a few minutes before the final whistle. Later, Juventus boss Maurizo Sarri revealed that Ronaldo was not fully fit and hence was taken off the field.