She is coming for Americans. The Indian and American systems are very similar: either the parliament passes laws, or the Supreme Court interprets laws. Theirs is the final word.

She is Amy Barrett, Donald Trump’s third pick for the US Supreme Court. She is a fierce conservative, a devout Catholic, who doesn’t believe in abortion rights. With her on the bench, the Republicans will soon have a 6-3 supermajority on the court. Abortion rights are shorrly slated to be wrong forever.

Barrett is an attractive white woman. The US holds an unbeatable lead in terms of Covid deaths, but all Trump has on his mind is tightening immigration and repealing Obamacare. Barrett will get to decide on Obamacare on November 10. Say goodbye to all that.

Barrett has a child with Down Syndrome, but she didn’t drop the baby. She won’t let other American women with babies with birth defects drop them either.

Trump’s second pick for the supreme court, Brett Kavanaugh, was accused of sexual assault. Now he proudly sits on the bench. He was nominated by a president who has admitted to sexual assault himself and who uses abhorrent words for women. He separates infants from their parents at the border and cages the infants.

David Duke, a renowned former Ku Klux Klan leader, endorsed Trump in 2016 and has done so again in 2020. The president hasn’t disavowed that support. Every day FOX, also known as Trump TV, beams racist drivel on TV.

On the Supreme Court sits another man accused of sexual assault, Clarence Thomas. Interestingly enough, Trump’s challenger, Joe Biden was the head of the senate judiciary committee thirty years ago who saw Thomas’s nomination through. Anita Hill accused Thomas, a black man, of sexual assault. He got away by playing the race card, calling his nomination process a high-tech lynching.

There was only TV back then. If that was high-tech, what would it now be with all-pervasive social media? Anita Hill has prowled the four corners of the country trying to prick Thomas’s conscience since his ascension to the bench, but to no avail.

Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s accuser, tried to prick his conscience. She failed miserably. The senate nomination process was an utter sham. The man who was supposedly in the room where Kavanauagh allegedly raped Ford was not even called to testify during the senate proceedings.

Ford works at Stanford, and has gone back into her shell there. Unlike Hill, she’s not seeking the spotlight anymore.

The US Supreme Court bench is relatively young. Many justices have at least thirty years left in them in what is a lifetime appointment. One of the greatest Americans of the last century, the supreme court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, just passed away. She advocated for women’s rights, minority rights. She didn’t let America become a neo-fascist country even as it lurched to the right during her lifetime.

Her dying wish was that a president other than Trump nominate her replacement. She hadn’t been dead a day when Trump had already decided on Amy Barrett. Beneath the veneer of attractiveness of Barrett lives a hard woman, who will make life miserable for many women and minorities.

Democracy is often called the tyranny of the majority. Barrett represents a tyrannical majoritarian culture, which will impose the will of the majority on the minority.

Trump, and not a new president, has replaced Ginsburg. The question now is who will replace Trump. In Ginsburg’s last wish implicit is the hope that Trump loses the election. Will Americans heed her wish, or will they treat it as the rant of a dying Jewish woman?

The writer is an expert on energy and contributes regularly to publications in India and overseas.