Re-building UK

New UK chancellor of the Exchequer Rachel Reeves’ ambitious plan to “get Britain building again” marks a bold step toward addressing the nation’s chronic housing shortage, stagnating infrastructure projects, and renewable energy needs.

US on Edge

The assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump has sent shockwaves through an already deeply divided America.

Western scrutiny of Modi’s Russia visit

US State department spokesperson Mathew Miller, discussing PM Modi’s Russia visit, mentioned in a press conference, “we have been quite clear about our concerns about India’s relationship with Russia.

The moment Trump won the election?

The shots fired at Donald Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday are being investigated as an assassination attempt of the former president and current Republican presidential nominee.

Benighted Statistics

Around 150 years ago, British PM Benjamin Disraeli said: “There are three types of lies ~ lies, damn lies, and statistics” ~ a statement as true today as it was the day it was made. A recent example would suffice.

Tagore and Development

Tagore wanted the welfare of the rural poor not by prodding mere literacy but by nurturing and widening their minds to give strength and consciousness. According to Tagore, reading and writing is a secondary question, communication from heart to heart is what matters more. He reiterated that without restoration of balance between city and village, no development was possible

Britain must shed its elitist past

Many a story has come to light of individuals being obliged to maintain a distance from a dying parent around the same time that Johnson’s staff were busy socialising. Particularly cringeworthy, perhaps, was No.10’s abject apology to Buckingham Palace for a well-attended farewell do last April on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral — where Queen Elizabeth notably sat alone in a pew. (Mind you, the farewell wasn’t for Philip.)

Gandhian path can help farmers and consumers

As the number of food consumers was much larger than the number of corn farmers, Mexico’s government decided in favour of joining NAFTA. Soon over a million farmers were driven off their land and the rush of displaced farmers to cities also led to fall in industrial wages. What was worse, even promises made regarding cheaper food to consumers were not fulfilled. Instead of declining, the price of staple food increased steeply.

Houthi offensive

Two Indians and a Pakistani working for oil giant ADNOC died as three petrol tanks exploded near a storage facility, while a fire also ignited in a construction area at Abu Dhabi airport. Yahya Saree, the military spokesman of the Houthis said the group had “carried out … a successful military operation” against “important and sensitive Emirati sites and installations” using both ballistic missiles and drones.

Blinken mission

The talks had failed to resolve the fundamental disagreements over Ukraine and other issues related to geostrategic security. Mr Blinken’s itinerary also includes Berlin, where he will meet his German, British and French counterparts to discuss a possible response to any military action by Russia.