Bold Initiative

The centre’s announcement of a phased introduction of blending biogas with natural gas is a significant move towards sustainable energy practices.

Falling short

The country’s economy is facing a familiar challenge ~ the perennial struggle to meet divestment targets. The revelation that the Centre is set to miss its divestment goal by a staggering sum in the current fiscal year is a stark reminder of the persistent hurdles on the road to economic reform.

Denied Legal Aid

Acitizen of a nation is obligated to face justice when his or her personal conduct or commercial activities are deemed to be in opposition to domestic legislation or the rights of another individual.

A thaw in ties

In view of Chinese aggressive deployment in Tibet and eastern Ladakh, India has changed its posture towards China. Unlike its previous defensive approach that placed a premium on fending off Chinese aggression, India is now catering to military options to strike back and has reoriented its military accordingly.

Shape of things…

It is direly tragic that the assassinations form the curtain-raiser to the outward march of US boots on the ground.

Land Rights

In this year's state Assembly elections, the Trinamul Congress won as many as 29 of the 40 seats in the region.

Tax Reforms

The fast rise in indirect collections is a matter of concern because indirect taxes affect the poor much more than the rich. The trend of Indirect Tax collections exceeding Direct Taxes continues unabated. In the first quarter of the current financial year, Direct Tax collections amounted to Rs.2.47 lakh crore while Indirect Tax collection stood Rs.3.11 lakh crore.