Unlikely heroes

During the challenge presented by the tunnel collapsed in Uttarakhand, an unaexpected group emerged as the heroes ~ the so-called “rat-hole miners.”

Truce in Gaza

Relentless bombing of Gaza by Israel has wrought havoc. According to Palestinian health officials more than several thousand civilians have been killed due to indiscriminate Israeli bombing and many of them are women and children.

The Steel Frame

At all times, the bureaucrat must remain connected to the ground and not allow her advice and decisions to be influenced by vested interests or political pressure. The Indian ship is too big for sudden course corrections. Each decision for major change has to be extensively and painstakingly discussed with all stakeholders. Only when a consensus is available should major changes be made.

Kathmandu calling?

That the issue of Chinese incursions into Nepalese territory was first raised very forcefully by a Nepali Congress legislator from the Karnali Provincial Assembly is in itself significant.

In Taliban country…

By evening the Taliban had seized the “Arg”, the presidential palace that is Afghanistan’s historic seat of power.

Kashmir Cauldron~II

The reduction in violence and the increase in tourist inflows did not last long due to the failure of the elite ~ both political and administrative ~ to meet the expectations of the people as they were more interested in clinging on to power. Matters were made worse by the skewed development policies pursued by successive governments.