Outreach to Seoul

A glimmer of hope in global diplomacy emerges as Chinese President Xi Jinping considers visiting South Korea for a summit.…

Timeline worries

The passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill marks a triumph that is layered by delay at two stages first, in…

Our Amrit Kaal

The term ‘Amrit Kaal’, a Vedic astrological term, was first used in context of India’s economic and social development by…

Bubble of Untruth

It thus comes about that Covid death figures in the state rose from 5478 on June 8 to 9429 on June 9 ~ following a bout of data revision on the orders of Patna High Court.

Tough call

One could argue that women face double jeopardy in this case; because of their actions as enablers (at the very least) of Islamic terror, and because as women they have as a group faced societal discrimination, misogyny, and been socialised into submission whether overtly or covertly.

Saint or sinner?

One can understand, to an extent, that politicians would want to shut out those who seem inconvenient to the well-settled interests to which they are committed. But the courts, that are the guardians of the constitutional rights of citizens? Well, we expect something different from them.